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Oxford Foundry backs four new COVID-19 recovery innovations

The Oxford Foundry today announces the four new innovative solutions it will support on the OXFO COVID-19 Rapid Solutions Builder. The four critical solutions were chosen by a team of international judges from more than 100 entries after a rigorous selection process - based on their ability to have a real, tangible societal impact, their viability and ability to implement and their potential for rapid growth.

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Donate to the OXFO COVID-19 Action Plan Grant fund

We are asking for your support for the OXFO COVID-19 Grant fund. This provides urgent grant funding to ventures and solutions in the OXFO COVID-19 Action Plan, giving them the crucial runway and resources they need to achieve the maximum possible impact, as rapidly as possible. Please click here for further information.

The Oxford Foundry and its impact-driven entrepreneurial initiatives are funded thanks to charitable donations. All funding will go directly to ventures and solutions responding to the pandemic. 


13 ventures in our portfolio are responding to the pandemic. They include a GP-to-patient remote platform that has scaled in three weeks to help hundreds of thousands of patients, fever detection cameras, sensors to monitor NHS hospital bed availability, a communication platform for care home residents and families to keep in touch, and a remote tutoring app for students.

Biz Stone, Cofounder, Twitter
Biz Stone, Cofounder, Twitter, Medium and Jelly 

As an advisor to the Oxford Foundry, I am part of a talented multidisciplinary community. At this moment in history, it's imperative that we harness the ability of networks like Oxford for the greater good and for the future of society.


Our community includes 3000 students, staff and alumni from all Oxford's Divisions and Colleges, University of Oxford alumni, and a global network of leading entrepreneurs, advisors and investors.