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The 7-day L.E.V8 Women pre-accelerator programme will take you through a combination of intensive, immersive learning workshops and 1:1 mentoring from our incredible L.E.V8 Women Ambassadors. You will come away from the experience with the tools you need to take your venture forward with confidence and purpose. We achieve this by focusing on both personal development and business development.

Personal development: this element of the programme will focus on developing YOU as an individual to help you be the most successful entrepreneurial leader you can be. Specifically, we will focus on helping you increase your self-belief, resilience, ability to negotiate well, and your appetite for risk, and develop your skills in public speaking.

Business Development: alongside the personal development, the programme will take you through a collection of intensive, practical business development workshops so that you can walk away from the programme with an actionable business plan.


  • to support and empower participants to build their personal resilience and confidence
  • to offer practical business skills and frameworks to develop a clear business plan for participants' start-up ideas
  • to encourage participants to discover and work to their strengths
  • to provide an introduction to the entrepreneurial journey for all participants


The L.E.V8 Women pre-accelerator is open to early-stage female led start-up teams that include at least one Oxford University student or alumna as a founding member.

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