The OXFO L.E.V8 (Elevate) accelerator is building a new generation of high-potential, transformational ventures.

Ventures founded by students and alumni from Oxford University, the #1-ranked university in the world.

Ventures that in addition to being commercially successful, put people first, and create true prosperity by bringing everyone along with them.

The accelerator is hosted in the Amersi Foundation accelerator space, upstairs at the Oxford Foundry.

Our ventures are currently operating in 17 cities across the world, including New York, London, Kampala, Tallinn, Munich and Karachi. See our global reach map 

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3 cohorts, 32 ventures, £27m investment raised, 104 jobs

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What do we look for?

We support early-stage Oxford-affiliated ventures who have:

  • a determination to make clear economic and social impact, and to help solve global challenges
  • a passion for innovation, and no fear of risk
  • a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and proof of concept
  • a diverse and committed team
  • demonstrable early traction, such as customers, pilots and partners

We are sector-agnostic - all industry areas are considered.

Reid Hoffman, Cofounder, LinkedIN
Reid Hoffman, Cofounder, LinkedIn and Founding Donor, OXFO

The L.E.V8 programme has supported venture growth, given founders fundamental skills for running a business, and ultimately made ventures valuable in the eyes of key investors and influencers. If you want to take your venture to the next level, I advise you apply.

Biz Stone, Cofounder, Twitter
Biz Stone, Cofounder, Twitter, Medium: OXFO Advisory Board

With OXFO, Oxford has now established its own centre of entrepreneurial gravity. I've been coming to Oxford for years as a Silicon Valley speaker and a contributor to the ecosytem here, and now Oxford has a centre of innovation that is going to be self-reinforcing, and that will only get stronger and stronger. I'm glad to be part of it and I urge you all to nurture it, support it, be part of it - as much as you give, you’ll get back in multitudes.”

Arlan Hamilton, Backstage Capital
Arlan Hamilton, Founder, Backstage Capital. OXFO Advisor
Arlan Hamilton, Backstage Capital

For me, it's simple: I want people of every gender and color to see themselves represented in the world of startups. I believe that you have to be your biggest champion, you have to be a superhero for yourself. You can't leave it up to others to do so.