Book time in our studio room - it's free (temporarily closed due to COVID-19 social distancing)

The Oxford Foundry has an Instant video studio with a green screen, lighting and an all-in-one video recording unit - RapidMooc.

You can record videos just as easily as giving a presentation. Simply create a presentation (PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezzi), plug your laptop into the unit as if to a projector and press record. You will get a video with you in-front of the presentation (MP4 format) without any need for further editing. This can be directly uploaded to Vimeo, YouTube or Canvas. 

The RapidMooc can also be used to take still images, to record yourself for pitch practice or create Vlogs. 

1. All students, staff and alumni are welcome to book a time to use The Studio .

Please select whether you would like a one hour or two hour slot, then select a date and time. NB The Studio is not available at times when the Foundry has events so these times will not be bookable. The Foundry is open 7 days a week 8am - 10pm. 

2. When you arrive, please collect instructions and microphones from the Oxford Foundry reception. More information about RapidMooc can be found here.

If you have any questions please email