An Introduction to Design Thinking (Part 2)

Want to build skills in creative thinking and problem solving?

Part 1 - Monday 29th October

Part 2 - Monday 5th November

*If you have not attended the first workshop and would like to participate in the second, please do sign up and you will be able to join a team on arrival on the 5th*

Interested in learning more about the entrepreneurial journey, but in need of the right idea, and some teammates?

Design thinking is a powerful tool used across the world by corporate teams, entrepreneurs and social innovators to find radical new ideas and solutions. This creative methodology is used to solve complex problems through teamwork in interdisciplinary teams, using in-depth research and placing the user at the heart of the design process.

This hands-on, two part workshop introduces the design thinking method and mindset which can be applied to your own design challenge. Work with your peers to formulate ideas, and be guided through the complete process by Design Thinking expert Morganne Graves and two experienced coaches, using fun and interactive exercises.

Morganne is an alumna of the Queen’s College (Oxford) and the Advanced Track at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Berlin. She now lives in Berlin and works as a coach in design thinking, team-building and cultural transformation in companies. She is both a freelancer, and a founding member of the innovation agency phi360, with major corporate clients such as Audi and BNP Paribas.