Idea Exploration: Designing and Building the Product

Designing and Building the Product

This workshop, facilitated by Pegram Harrison will build upon previous workshops to identify and refine the most important factors that make your business opportunity valuable. (You don’t need to have attended previous sessions to attend)

Your investors, customers, and colleagues will want to try before they buy—so the more you can influence that process, the more likely they are to do business with you.

However prepared you might be, when the time comes to put an actual product into an actual market, much remains unknown.  And where there are unknowns, there are risks.  New ventures are, by definition, not following a precedent; so you can’t be sure that the decisions you’ve made are the best ones, or what might be the consequences of anything you decide.  How can you mitigate the unavoidable risks inherent in the assumptions and guesses you’ve made to get this far?

Through various activities, we’ll learn how to test the feasibility of ideas, products, and business models; we’ll look carefully at the idea of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP); and we’ll explore how to gain necessary information to strengthen your business opportunity and increase its likelihood of success.


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Undergraduates – Postgraduates - DPhil candidates