A workshop series covering the early stages of the entrepreneurial journey

Would you like to learn to think more creatively, and to solve problems effectively? Are you interested in working with peers from across the University on generating and exploring exciting new ideas?

This 12-part workshop series will walk you through the initial stages of the entrepreneurial journey. The first workshops will begin by helping you to think more laterally, and provide practical approaches to complex problem solving; the following workshops show you how to explore an idea and develop it into a potential venture.

Who is it for?

The workshops are open to all University of Oxford students – any discipline, all levels of study.

Why should you attend?

This series is a great opportunity to develop fundamental skills in complex problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and collaborating with others, all of which have been identified by The World Economic Forum as necessary skills to equip individuals to thrive in the ‘fourth industrial revolution’.

Not only will this series help to build these skills, it will do so in a fun and engaging way whilst giving you the opportunity to meet and collaborate with students from across the whole university.  

Use this series as an opportunity to develop your idea ready to apply to All-Innovate, Oxford’s first university wide, inter-college ideas competition. 

When, where and how do I get involved?

**Please register for each session individually**

The series can be attended as a 12-part series, or as individual sessions. If you attend at least 10 of the 12 sessions, and complete all required surveys, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Registration for each session will open 2 weeks beforehand, and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Michaelmas Term Schedule


29th October - Design Thinking: an introduction (part 1)

  • What is creative problem solving
  • How can creative problem solving be used for innovation?

5th November - Design thinking: An Introduction (part 2)

  • Intense introduction to Design Thinking, a user-centred, creative problem-solving methodology
  • Participants will go through the six step process, including conducting empathy interviews with users, prototyping and testing, finishing with a pitching and feedback round

12th November - Who is your customer? 

  • Understand Market segmentation beachhead market
  • Total addressable market size
  • Building end user profiles

19th November - What is the value proposition? 

  • Defining USP
  • Quantifying the value proposition
  • What is the competitive position

26th November - Building the ecosystem around the business

  • What is network effect and how can it be used most effectively?
  • The Advantages of building community


Hilary Term Schedule

21st January - Marketing strategy

  • What is the customer acquisition process 
  • What are the marketing essentials
  • Defining a clear market strategy

28th January - Branding

  • Importance of brand
  • Importance of personal branding when starting a business

4th February - Designing the business model

  • Developing an understanding of the different business model options
  • Identifying the best business model for the venture

11th February - Designing and building the product

  • Identify and test assumptions
  • Defining the MVP

18th February - Financing and investment 101

  • Financial modelling for start ups
  • Set a pricing framework
  • When is the right time to seek investment?
  • How should you be seeking investment?
  • What kind of investment to seek

25th February - The perfect pitch

  • Understanding the content of pitches and adapting that for different audiences
  • How to effectively communicate your message in your pitch deck 

27th February - Public Speaking Masterclass

  • Master public speaking to enhance your pitch 
  • How to use humour to engage your audience