Idea Exploration workshops

Who are they for?

The workshops are open to all University of Oxford students – any discipline, all levels of study.

Why should you attend?

This series is a great opportunity to develop fundamental skills in complex problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and collaborating with others, all of which have been identified by The World Economic Forum as necessary skills to equip individuals to thrive in the ‘fourth industrial revolution’.

Not only will this series help to build these skills, it will do so in a fun and engaging way whilst giving you the opportunity to meet and collaborate with students from across the whole university.  



Transform an idea into a viable business

Trinity term 2021

A four-part programme, starting Wednesday 9th June 2021, 16.00-18.00​.

Got an idea but unsure of the initial steps to take? ​

This series will take you through some of the fundamental stages of developing an idea, covering the practical steps and frameworks that will help you to turn that idea into a potential venture.  ​

Topics include; 'How to Build a Team', 'Defining your Market', 'Choosing the Right Business Model', and 'Pitching your Start-up'. ​

ONLINE LIVE SESSION on 9th June, 4pm, delivered by Yo Percale, Founder,