Oxford students: Why become a member of the Foundry?

Membership of the Oxford Foundry is open to all current University of Oxford students - undergrads, postgrads and DPhils and is entirely FREE.

SAID BUSINESS SCHOOL STUDENTS: You do not need to complete the membership form just drop into our reception with your SBS access pass and Uni Bod Card and we will update your pass. 

ALL OTHER UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: Please complete the below form and then bring your Uni Bod Card to the Foundry reception next day so we can take your photo and issue a new membership card and number. You can pick up your card from the Foundry reception, Monday - Friday 9am- 5pm. 

No matter what your interest in innovation and entrepreneurship is, we’ve got something for you.

  • Take part in competitions to develop your idea and win funding and support through All-Innovate 
  • Skill up and get inspired through our regular workshops and events, and start learning about entrepreneurship, technology, leadership, creativity, emotional intelligence, and much more
  • Find your people - connect with people from across the University - Oxford Foundry members are from all Oxford colleges and departments. Undergraduates, postgraduates and DPhils
  • Discover how you can get support for your early stage venture through the OXFO Elevate accelerator
  • Have 121 sessions with our experts and get support to develop your idea and start a venture
  • Make a positive difference - Oxford Foundry members are exploring and building solutions to challenges including climate change, ageing population, healthcare, education and much more
  • Explore our online learning resources or come in and borrow from our startup library 
  • Join a supportive, open-minded, creative community
  • Don't forget to connect with us on LinkedIn and follow up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


Oxford University staff, alumni and mentors

If you're a staff member, you're very welcome to hotdesk from the Foundry one day a week. Please read our access policy

We'd love for you to become champions of what we do and encourage students to get involved with the Foundry. We give regular talks for departments about entrepreneurship and what we do. If you'd like us to come and talk to your department please email 

Thank you to the departments we've given talks in including the Department of Materials, Radcliffe Department of Medicine, the Faculty of Law, and School of Geography and the Environment. 


Many of our events and initiatives such as the OXFO Elevate accelerator are open to alumni and we work with alumni through mentoring and judging. Alumni also have access to our space. Please read our access policy. We'd love to hear from you on 


If you'd like to share your expertise and experience with our community, please get in touch to discuss further on Thank you!

I don’t think I can adequately describe how much value the Oxford Foundry has added to my experience as a postgraduate student. In addition to being able to hear incredible people speak about their journeys and career paths, the professional development workshops at the Foundry have helped me enhance my skillset beyond what I learn through my research. One of the best things about the Foundry, however, is that entrepreneurship becomes accessible to everyone, and it helps bridge the gap between Oxford’s departments and colleges like no other place in the University.

Through the Foundry, I have met some incredible people, undergraduates and postgraduates from all sorts of departments, that I would have been unlikely to meet otherwise. I have continued to work on innovation projects with some of these people outside of the Foundry, and if I were to start a company after my PhD, it would most likely be with the people I met at the Foundry.


The Foundry has captured the imagination of students across the University. We’re seeing students of Philosophy, Modern Languages, English and History exploring entrepreneurial ideas and
collaborating with others from nonhumanities backgrounds to come up with real solutions to big challenges. Together, they are unlocking and exploring the possibilities that
the Foundry’s hands-on learning programmes offer.”

Karen O’Brien, Head of the Humanities Division
Esther Agbolade
Esther Agbolade
PPE student, Oriel College

“The Foundry helps us to explore the unconventional, encourages collaboration, and champions the idea that anybody can be an entrepreneur, regardless of their background or field of study.”

“The Foundry has given our students clear pathways into the entrepreneurial journey. Through their programmes, students are able to develop their entrepreneurial side, with skills workshops that have
practical hands-on learning at their core. In this way, they’re skilling-up for future challenges.”

Matthew Wood, Deputy Head, Medical Sciences Division

“Students from all across the Social Sciences Division are electing to grow their skills through the Foundry’s learning programmes. The opportunities that the Foundry offers for students to collaborate across disciplines and build solutions to real problems are unprecedented, and immensely valuable.”

Sarah Whatmore, Head of the Social Sciences Division

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“From the very beginning, the Oxford Foundry has set out to create a truly diverse and inclusive community. Its programmes, events and core mission are firmly underpinned by these values, and as a result it has attracted and engaged students and staff from all sections of the University. It makes a clear statement: ‘this is for you’, and it is a wonderful and welcome addition to the University and its student body.

Rebecca Surender, University Advocate & Pro-Vice-Chancellor

“Oxford is a world leader in its ability to take discoveries and turn them into companies and technologies that have impact on people’s lives around the globe. At OUI we’re working in close
partnership with the Foundry, so that even more talented Oxford people with smart ideas will get the early stage support they need to start and grow their ventures.

Matt Perkins, CEO, Oxford University Innovation (OUI)