We've collated some resources to help you build your venture, from trusted sources we know and recommend:

The Business Model Canvas: Visualise and communicate the vision and model of your business, all in one simple page. 

How to raise money: Why raise investment, fundraising versus bootstrapping, what does pre-seed, seed and Series A-C+ mean?, types of investors, crowdfunding, Initial Public Offering, pitching, risk, multiples and more. 

The Disciplined Entrepreneurs Workbook: Practical steps from our friend and expert Professor Bill Aulet at MIT. 

The Start-up Owner's Manual, Bob Dorf, serial entrepreneur

Future Learn: Uncovering your entrepreneurial potential

Future Learn: Demystifying entrepreneurship: How to think like an entrepreneur


CreativeLive: We've partnered with CreativeLive to give Oxford students access to thousands of online masterclasses. Anyone with an Oxford Single Sign-on (SSO) can experience handpicked classes covering themes such as creative inspiration, entrepreneurship, communication, creating a standout business, design thinking and emotional intelligence.Creativity is one of the top 3 skills people will need in 2020. See the list of skills in the The World Economic Forum 2016 report 'The Future of Jobs'

Be creative

Here are 10 steps we recommend to help you start your journey: 

0. Evaluate yourself

What skills do you already have? What do you want to improve on? What are your motivations for exploring entrepreneurship?

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1. Think of an idea

What problems do you experience? What problems can you see in society that need solving? 


2. Define your customer

Market research about who your potential customers are and the size of the market. Don't make assumptions. Pick up the phone and speak to people. Get at least ten champions on board to test your product. Build audience personas.

Market research

3. Create a unique value proposition

What makes you and your venture different from competitors?

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4. Map your customer acquisition process

How will you go about getting your first users? Then retaining them and growing your community? 

Customer acquisition

5. Design a business model

The Business Model Canvas is a great place to start. 

working online

6. Finance your business

What money, time and resources do you need? What channels could you get this from e.g. crowdfunding or grants?

Finance plan

7. Design and build your product

Start with a Minimal Viable Product. If your venture is an app, your MVP can be on paper as a demonstration or a basic website. 


8. Build your team

What events and networks can you attend and join to meet a co-founder and team members? What skills do they need to have? How can they complement your skillset?

Team members

9. Get selling

Get out there and sell your product or service! What are the benefits and value added?


10. Grow and Scale

Incentivise your customers, reward loyality, have great customer service and build trust in you and your brand. Take on the world!