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OXFO Elevate Success Story Snippets: Albus Health


The OXFO Elevate Accelerator – Six Months on

OXFO Elevate Success Story Snippets: Nye Health

OXFO Elevate Success Story Snippets: OxCAN

Follow our Fellows: Claire Yingxian Tang

Meet Neumind: The Venture Providing Life-changing Therapies to People with Acquired Brain Injury

Follow our Fellows: Yusuf Ben-Tarifite

Meet PIPRA: The Start-up Reducing Medical Complications Through Pre-surgery Identification

Follow our Fellows: Michael Smith


Follow our Fellows: Caroline Kinyua

Meet Mitra bio: The Venture Unlocking the Secrets of Skin Ageing

Meet HedgeFlows: The Start-up Supporting Small Businesses with Frictionless Foreign Trade

Follow our Fellows: Temilorun Olanipekun

Meet Checkstep: The Start-up Empowering Online Communities and Ensuring Safe User Experiences

Follow our Fellows: Shaan Pattni

Follow our Fellows: Alina Salahuddin

Meet KindWorks.AI: The Start-up Improving Employee Experience and Well-being Through Acts of Kindness

Follow our Fellows: Dennis Martey


Follow our Fellows: Rosaria

Follow our Fellows: Jafar Said

Follow our Fellows: Sekela Ngamilo

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Follow our Fellows: Hussain Sarfraz

All-Innovate Trinity Term Competition Winners Announced


[10] Top Tips Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Explorer, Founder and Collaborator, Mark Pollock

OXFO’s First Ed Tech Venture Scoodle Raises $2m to Enhance Education Across the World

Amy Kao: Walking Through Her Career Path and OXFO’s Impact

OXFO Portfolio Venture Oxwash Secures £2.08 Million ($3M)

(Five) Reflections From Philosopher Professor Sir Richard Sorabji CBE


OXFO Set Their Mind to Mental Health Awareness Week

From Physicist to Founder: An Interview With Dr Lewis Z. Liu

Takura Couriers: The All-Innovate Winners Who Keep on Delivering


Keeping Up With Nikita Khandwala

Devie: Supporting Parents With Their Child’s Development and Behaviour During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Giving Some Thought to Design Thinking

Oxford Foundry Announce Ventures in Cohort 4 of the OXFO Elevate Accelerator (part I)

Oxford Foundry Announce Ventures in Cohort 4 of the OXFO Elevate Accelerator (part II)


(Five Reasons) Why Working for a Start-up Can Boost Your Career

All-Innovate Competition Contestants Await [Online] Final

All-Innovate Hilary Term Competition Winners Announced

Oxford Foundry FAQs - Your Questions, Answered


Apply for the OXFO Elevate Accelerator and get the Investment, Introductions, and Insights you Need to Rapidly Scale Your Start-up

OXFO Elevate Accelerator Cohort 4 Deadline Today: Who are the OXFO Resident Experts who will Help you Succeed?

    Oxwash: The OXFO Laundry Experts with a Clean Sweep of Success

    [As a Student,] Why Should I Become a Member of the Oxford Foundry?


    31 Oxford Colleges. £40,000 Prize Funding. Three Winners. Two Opportunities to Win. One Year. All-Innovate 2021 is Here!



        Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Improve Diversity and Inclusion

        Infogrid: How Smart Buildings Address the Climate Crisis and Coronavirus Pandemic

        Ufonia: Making a Positive Impact on Patient Care and Delivering Bottom-line Savings for Hospitals

        AfriSoc: Ensuring Diversity in Entrepreneurship


        OXFO Venture SmashMedicine in Final of Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2020


        Who Will Win OXFO's All-Innovate Competition This Thursday?

        Congratulations to the All-Innovate 2020 Winners!

        Meet the OXFO Venture Bringing Revolutionary Technology to the Wine Industry

        Meet Neurolytic Healthcare: Winner of All-Innovate 2020 ‘Best Overall Idea’ Awarded £10,000 for Their Start-up Supporting Migraine Sufferers


          DPhils and Start-up Skills: How Practical Learning in Entrepreneurship Gives Graduate Students a Boost

          Guest Blog from Alice Curry, Founder of Lantana: How we Moved Fast to Protect and Grow our Business During COVID-19

          Oxford Foundry Receives Santander Funding to Support COVID-19 Ventures

          Global Collaboration Towards a Shared Goal: OXFO and Verizon Partner to Support COVID-19 Start-ups

          OXFO Venture Receive $1 Million From Microsoft & Mayfield Fund for Search to Find Alzheimer’s Cure

          Camels, Unicorns, and Fresh Perspectives: a Quick Word With Joyeeta Das, Co-founder and CEO of Gyana

          OXFO Venture Novoic Raise £2m Seed Investment

          Young Entrepreneurs Pitch to Win: Meet The Prince’s Trust Start-ups Competing in the OXFO All-Innovate 2020 Final


                COVID-19 Rapid Solutions: Meet the Edtech Venture Focused on Supporting Parents With Their Increased Caregiving and Educational Responsibilities

                COVID-19 RAPID Solutions: Meet the Team Building the Privacy and Security Interfaces for the Database of the Future

                COVID-19 RAPID Solutions: Meet the Venture Whose App Helps You to Avoid Supermarket Crowds and Shop More Safely

                COVID-19 RAPID Solutions: Meet the Team Developing a Fast, Affordable, Reliable Coronavirus Test That You Can Take at Home

                Teaming up to Combat COVID-19 Challenges: Oxford Strategy Group Working With OXFO Ventures

                Oxford Foundry Launches £120,000 Grant Runway Fund to Boost the Economic Recovery From COVID-19


                            OXFO COVID-19 Heroes: Meet the Venture Team Working with Care Homes to Keep Families Connected With Their Loved Ones During the Pandemic

                            OXFO COVID-19 Heroes: Meet the Start-up Helping European Hospitals Manage Critical Clinical Resources

                            OXFO COVID-19 Heroes: Meet the Venture Whose Sound Recognition App Could Screen the Whole Nation for Coronavirus in a Single Day

                            OXFO COVID-19 Heroes: Meet the Venture Supporting School Students From Under-represented Backgrounds to Plan for Their Future Post-lockdown

                            OXFO COVID-19 Heroes: Meet the Tech Venture Enabling Organisations and Employees to Return to Work Safely Post-lockdown


                                      OXFO COVID-19 Heroes: Meet the IoT Start-up Helping the NHS to Cut Costs and Increase Safety While Reducing the Risk of Infection

                                      OXFO COVID-19 Heroes: Meet the 'First-mile'​ Venture Supporting the NHS Frontline and Vaccine Trial Team


                                          Luck, Integrity, and Doing Good Whilst Doing Well: an Interview with Mohamed Amersi, Business Leader and Philanthropist

                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Tech Venture Shaking up University Admissions With Their 'Potential-first'​, Approach to Student Selection

                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Start-up Working to Tackle Drought and Food Scarcity Through Satellite and Machine Learning Technology

                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Venture Working to Destigmatize Sexual Health Testing


                                                  FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Team on a Mission to Save Millions of Lives Through Tech-based Early-stage Cancer Detection

                                                  Oxford Foundry Brings 150 Students, Academia, Alumni, & Industries Together to Tackle Climate Change

                                                    FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Venture Harnessing Drone and Satellite Technology to Tackle Poaching, Oil Theft, and More

                                                    FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Start-up Committed to Protecting Your Right to Privacy and Freedom of Information

                                                    Change, Risk, and the Starship Enterprise: a Conversation with Yo Percale, Start-up Coach and Change Expert


                                                        Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Skills and Learning at the Foundry

                                                        All-Innovate is Back! 30 Oxford Colleges are Involved, and There’s a £20,000 Prize-pot to be Won

                                                        FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Student Society Growing the Robotics and 3D Printing Scene at Oxford

                                                        FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Medtech Start-up Pioneering Crucial Change in Clinical Trials for Alzheimer's Drug Discovery

                                                        FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Tech Start-up Helping to Speed up and Simplify Insurance and Legal Claims



                                                          Meet the Start-up Founder Whose Technology Platform Provides a Fresh Take on Recruitment and University Admissions

                                                          Arlan Hamilton, the Oxford Foundry’s New Honorary Advisor, Announces Oxford’s First Scholarship for Black Students

                                                          Women, Start-ups, and the Funding Gap: a Conversation With Jenny Tooth OBE, CEO of the UK Business Angels Association

                                                          Technology With Built-in Ethics: Oxford Students Take on Global Challenges With AI


                                                          Getting Access to the Most Advanced Flying AI on the Planet

                                                          Oxford Foundry Partners With Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative, Targets UK Tech Skills Gap

                                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Women Students Championing College-based Entrepreneurship at Oxford

                                                          OXFO Gives Students Vital 21st century Skill – Creativity

                                                          OXFO Director Invited to Join Fast Company’s Impact Council

                                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Student Engineers Tackling Real-world Challenges

                                                          Oxford Foundry and Students Attend EY Strategic Growth Summit in Palm Springs


                                                          Google's Marcus East on Tech, Ethics, and Inspiration

                                                          Happy 2nd Birthday to the Foundry

                                                          Foundry Snapshot: Meet the Tech Founder Determined to Connect Talented Students to the Finance They Need to Study Overseas

                                                          African Students at Oxford University Get a Boost For Their Entrepreneurial Learning


                                                          Oxford Foundry Showcases AI Ventures Fighting Climate Change

                                                          Oxford Foundry Welcomes Alumni


                                                          Oxford Venture Lanterne Reach Final of Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards 2019

                                                          OXFO Inspire the Next Generation of Biomedical Entrepreneurs

                                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Team Helping Firms to Simplify and Scale Their Data Science and AI Adoption

                                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Team Providing a More Predictive and Proactive Approach to Personal Health

                                                          VENTURES ON THE UP: Meet our Latest L.E.V8 Women Pre-accelerator Cohort

                                                          Climate Change + AI. How Oxford Tech Start-ups are Helping Fight Climate Change


                                                          Building Ventures, Smashing Boundaries: Demo Day at the Oxford Foundry

                                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Beauty Firm Committed to Cruelty-free, Affordable Skincare For All


                                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Venture Developing a Unique Approach to Cancer Cell Identification

                                                          “The World Needs us, and we Will Shine": Building Future Female Leaders at Oxford

                                                          Lighting up Rural India: Meet the Winners of This Year's Lead2030 Challenge on Sustainable Energy


                                                          GETTING CREATIVE WITH THEIR FUTURES - Oxford Students Broaden Their Skills and Their Horizons Through Access to Practical Learning Videos

                                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Venture That Puts Compassion at the Heart of Primary Healthcare

                                                          Pharma Supply Chain Heroes Veratrak Secure £1m in Seed Funding

                                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Social Venture Connecting Small Farms With Affordable Financing in East Africa


                                                          Conflict Navigation, Cancer Detection and Personal Safety Win Big in Oxford's All-Innovate Ideas Competition

                                                          FOUNDRY SNAPSHOT: Meet the Publisher Making Children’s Books More Diverse


                                                          Oxford Students Build Solutions to Prevent the Perils of 'Bias In - Bias Out' in AI-driven Recruitment Tools


                                                          OXFO-supported Start-up Scoodle Receives Investment From Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone

                                                          Oxford Students Get Set to Tackle Recruitment Bias With A.I

                                                          How a Trek to Silicon Valley Changed my Perspective on Innovation