Rapid Solutions Builder

The OXFO Covid-19 Rapid Solutions Builder is designed to find and scale innovative solutions to secondary and tertiary challenges that arise from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Action Plan is focused on four streams; Healthcare, Education, Inclusive Social Engagement and Mobility, and Operations, Logistics and Supply Chains.

Entries were open to all Oxford students and alumni and their teams. See the welcome pack and FAQs. Entries closed on 28 April 2020. Thank you to all the judges and to the 100+ teams were submitted solutions. 

After two rounds of judging, the following four teams will be taken forward on a two month programme and provided Grant funding of £10,000. 

Healthcare stream. Vatic: A saliva-test for COVID-19, which is easier and non-invasive compared with other means of testing. Vatic went through Entrepreneur First and the team has deep diagnostics development knowledge, protein chemistry and nanomedicine expertise. They hope to unlock the potential for more widespread daily screening through a rapidly scalable, reliable, low-cost screening tool, which can be taken at home and combined with tracking software to ensure the accuracy of each test result. Diagnostics have been undervalued but immunoassay testing is now estimated to be a $18bn market. The team has a proof of concept and is working with leading industry partners.

Education streamDevie: An app offering support to the parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers. The service proved particularly useful when nurseries were suddenly closed during lockdown.Devie is currently being used by 550 parents and has had very positive feedback from its 100 strong user-group. Devie targets the new generation of parents, who regularly use apps and technology for self-support. With the closure of nurseries due to COVID-19, Devie provides a lifeline of support for parents and can help maintain best practice and stability for early childhood development. 

Inclusive social engagement and mobility streamOblivious AI: tech firm building AI-enabled tools that allow businesses to offer tech solutions and share data without infringing customers' data privacy. It is currently being used in contact-tracing measures in India. The company is also working with some of the largest telecom providers and retail banking groups across the world.

Operations, Logistics and Supply chains streamCrowdless: An app which shows people how busy their local supermarket is, helping them to save time and socially distance effectively. It does this by providing real time information using a combination of third party and open data sources.

Vatic and Crowdless have both been awarded Innovate UK funding aimed at fast-tracking the development of innovations borne out of the Coronavirus crisis.

See the OXFO Covid-19 Action Plan

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