Introduction to Python

Michaelmas 2020:

Introduction to Python 

Delivered in partnership withCodeSoc, OxWoCS and OxWEST online course, gain an introduction to coding in Python.

This is an opportunity to learn the basics of Python, with the support of experienced students who will be available in real time. Also connect with other new programmers on the course's online platform. This course is for beginners and for people with no programming experience from any discipline

Tues 20 October 2020, Zoom event, followed by learning content released weekly. 

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Intermediate Python

Following the beginners course, Intermediate Python will give you the opportunity to work through projects with your peers, with the support of experienced students to guide and support your learning.

November 2020 TBC

ripple UBRI

“The technology workshops at the Foundry have given me the skills and confidence to work on tech innovation. I particularly appreciated that the workshops were designed for beginners, but also
allowed you to progress as you skilled-up. I’m now applying what I learned about technology to advance the field of early childhood education.”

Laura White, MBA student, Green Templeton College

“As tech-based solutions become a prominent component of healthcare delivery around the world, our students in Medical Sciences need to skill-up in new technologies and their applications, and develop the ability to think in more creative, non-linear ways. The Foundry is creating a fantastic environment for our students to connect and collaborate with others from across the University, and get connected to networks and opportunities in the wider world, so that together they can build healthtech solutions that will benefit all society.”

Gavin Screaton, Head of the Medical Sciences Division