L.E.V8 key stats


To date, ventures on cohorts 1-3 have raised over £12m in funding. A large proportion of this has been directly enabled by the Oxford Foundry, through introductions to our exceptional network of investors, including Force over Mass, TrueSight, Charles Songhurst and Biz Stone.

70% of our ventures are generating revenue

70+ jobs have been created by the ventures on cohorts 1 and 2, and several cohort 3 teams are currently hiring, with some ventures growing their teams by up to 400%

94% of ventures from the first two cohorts are still operational

Venture teams have offices and team members in 17 cities around the globe, including New York, London, Kampala, Tallinn, Munich and Karachi - see our global map.


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Our ventures are tackling some of the toughest societal, environmental and economic challenges - and they're already making their impact felt, particularly during the time of the COVID-19 crisis.

Nye Health (cohort 2) have responded rapidly to the COVID healthcare crisis by rolling out an NHS-compliant and globally scalable way for GPs, nurses and doctors to hold their appointments remotely, with their 'NyePhone' software that works on any device. Currently covering 10 million patients across the UK.

Scoodle (cohort 1) has provided over 500,000 answers to studies-related questions, to over 100,000 students, and during the COVID crisis they have made their online tuition Q&A service entirely free for families in the UK and are supporting more teachers, tutors and pupils to connect directly online.

OXWASH (L.E.V8 cohort 2) have saved over 2800 cubic tonnes of CO2 through their cleantech bike-laundry, and are now partnering with Deliveroo to address the issue of single-use plastic in the food delivery industry. During the COVID crisis, OXWASH are setting up a new 'paying it forward' campaign, fundraising to provide 5,000 free laundry washes for elderly and vulnerable people in Oxford. They also intend to expand to help NHS workers and GP practices launder the extra PPE protection they require.

Myo (L.E.V8 cohort 3) are connecting care home residents directly with their families by offering their mobile app, free of charge, to support care providers, families and residents and to ensure crucial one-on-one human connections can remain intact during the COVID crisis.


Boresha (cohort 1) have connected farmers and producers in East Africa to the modern economy, and reduced their need to go to loan-sharks when they have an emergency, saving them up to 300% APR on interest fees.

EcoSync (cohort 1) recently achieved a 66% saving in energy consumption for one of their clients.

Globally, picture books from Lantana Publishing (L.E.V8 cohort 2) have allowed over 500,000 children of diverse backgrounds and heritage to see themselves represented in the books that they read.

Empower Energy (L.E.V8 cohort 2) have distributed solar lamps that have impacted the lives of 2100 individuals in rural India. The lamps enable schoolchildren to study for an extra 30 minutes each night and have helped double the income of women entrepreneurs in these communities. They’ve also reduced the use of polluting kerosene lamps by 70%.

The INFOGRID (cohort 2) trials within the healthcare system have improved safe and efficient patient care, and made savings for one NHS Trust that equate to more than £144k in a year. Their technology is solving problems for a wide range of industry problems, including smart cleaning, pipe monitoring (legionella due diligence), desk occupancy and cold storage.

WOW YOU! (cohort 2) has enabled the planting of over 10,000 mangrove trees in Madagascar by participating in the Green Friday 2019 initiative.


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Nye team
Imran Mahmud, Co-founder, Nye

"The Foundry's L.E.V8 accelerator programme is extraordinary. It feels like the bleeding edge of an ancient institution. Being part of L.E.V8 has boosted our ability to raise investment, and it has contributed in deeply meaningful ways to the development of our team, our model and our product."

William de Gruchy Cowell, Co-founder, INFOGRID

“The LEV8 accelerator programme was incredible - it far exceeded expectations. We as a company, and I personally, emerged after 6 months with a far broader understanding of lots of key topics. We now have excellent and hopefully lifelong relationships with some incredible people we'd never have had a chance to meet otherwise, including investors and advisors. That we've had all of this for no cost and no equity is truly astounding. The OXFO team worked tirelessly to make this happen, and we all have them to thank for an amazing programme.”

iLoF team
Mehak Mumtaz, Co-founder, iLoF

"The Foundry community feels like being part of a family where everyone is rooting for each other. Everyone here is super passionate about what they do and that passion is infectious!"

Sibyl from cohort 3 of OXFO L.E.V8
Nik Vadgama, Co-Founder, Sibyl

"With every workshop it feels like a lifetime of hard-earned knowledge is being imparted to you, so every single one has been really useful in developing the way I think about growing our venture."

Mikesh Udani of Albus Health

Albus Health

Albus Health, from Cohort one of the Foundry’s L.E.V8 Accelerator, is developing an automated, real-time home monitoring system to predict asthma attacks up to days before they happen. Albus Health have so far secured funding to a total of over £1m, including grant funding from Innovate UK, and investment from Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI). They are currently growing their team, and commercialising their first product in partnership with a big pharma company.

“Thanks to the Oxford Foundry, we’ve gained access to incredible networks and opportunities. We were selected as one of 15 UK digital health SMEs by Innovate UK and the Enterprise Europe Network for a Department for International Trade-sponsored trip to the US. With funding and a first sales contract now secured, we’re in an intensive R&D phase with industry-leading researchers and clinicians from across the UK. We will be expanding our collaborations to the rest of Europe, taking steps towards ensuring we can serve the 330 million people in the world whose lives can be impacted by our technology.” Mikesh Udani, Cofounder and CEO