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What is the Oxford Foundry?

The Oxford Foundry is a new entrepreneurial centre for the University of Oxford. Our aim is to create a diverse, student-led community where innovation and creativity lives and breathes. We want to support all of our 23,000 students across the University - whether they are lawyers, medics, engineers or philosophers - in becoming more entrepreneurial people.

A key focus is to enhance employability through entrepreneurship amongst students, and the Foundry will inspire students to think more entrepreneurially, to find like-minded people, to build confidence and overcome fear of failure. It is as much for the student who wants to become an employee as it is for the student who wants to set up their own venture.

The Foundry is about people, it’s about finding your tribe and unleashing your best you. We want to support students to ‘smash it’ and achieve success. Success means different things to different people and we want to help give students the practical skills they need to support their respective futures.

Where are we?

Located on Hythe Bridge Street, in a building that was once the Oxford Ice Factory, the building is a large, easily accessible space that includes a café and lounge area, and facilities for co-working, socialising, workshops, events and more. 

Supporting Students:

The Oxford Foundry supports our student community in three ways:

  • Engagement: creating a diverse and creative environment, attracting students from across the University, hosting a student advisory board, providing access to support funds and bringing inspirational figures to our audiences.
  • Education: delivering hands-on learning through workshops that range from skills-building around resilience and problem-solving, to planning and team-building skills, idea generation competitions and hackathons. We're creating an online e-library, providing opportunities to learn more about digital futures. We want to give students tools and skills for their futures, whatever career path they choose.
  • Acceleration: our new accelerator, OXFO LEV8, is based in the upper floor of the Foundry. From March 2018, a select number of startups will be provided with co-working space as well as a suite of support to accelerate their growth - all of this is to be provided at no charge, and without handover of IP from students to the Foundry. Full information on LEV8 is here.

Opening hours and Facilities:

The Foundry is open from 9am until 10pm every day of the week, Monday to Sunday.

There is a café with hot and cold snacks where you can chill out on comfortable sofas, a co-working area with desks and free wifi, and a stage area for pitching practise. 

Access Policywe will shortly be releasing our access policy for the Foundry - check back soon for updates.

Who is it for?

If you are a current student at the University of Oxford - whether you're an undergrad, postgrad, DPhil student or researcher - this space is for you. All you have to do is show up and register for your free OXFO pass card.

Come in, chill out, connect over coffee, skill up and get inspired. We run our own suite of Foundry workshops and programmes for students, often collaborating with student societies and other University departments. Sign up for our newsletter (see below) or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to stay updated on what's coming up next at the Foundry.

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