We create ideas, solve problems and build solutions

The Oxford Foundry: What do we do?

We build Entrepreneurial Leaders and teams: We’re committed to upskilling the future workforce. We provide our students with opportunities to co-create, collaborate and build solutions to global challenges. We’re on a mission to equip young people with crucial skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, team work and decision making, alongside empowering our future generations to lead with purpose and emotional intelligence, to be more resilient, and to learn from failure.

We build tech skills:
Delivering practical learning opportunities to build skills and understanding in areas such as coding, blockchain and AI, with a particular emphasis on peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange across academia and industry – globally and locally. We develop thought leadership in tech-enabled questions, such as “How do we ensure AI is diverse and inclusive?”, and “How can we use blockchain technology to universally broaden access to finance?”

We build and accelerate ventures:
Our accelerator, OXFO L.E.V8, is based in the upper floor of the Foundry. Through the accelerator, a select number of startups are provided with co-working space as well as a suite of support to accelerate their growth - all of this is provided at no charge, and without handover of IP from students to the Foundry. The accelerator supports real businesses, with formed teams, and traction. It is sector agnostic, and focuses on ventures outside of research, whilst it benefits from being embedded in an established and powerful academic setting. Although it is equity and IP free, the L.E.V8 accelerator programme is extremely competitive. To date our ventures have raised £7m investment and are creating positive change to people around the world. 

We build and sustain networks: 
We've built a thriving global community of entrepreneurial students, staff, alumni, mentors, advisors and leaders. Our community is open to everyone at Oxford and alumni and we harness the best global talent. 

Our beliefs

We believe in: 

💯Strength in diversity 
The most successful ventures are diverse in thought and diverse in their teams. We support diverse role models and inclusion within ventures.

🎓The power of peer-to-peer and experiential learning 
Most people learn best when immersed in a challenge. We provide experiential learning opportunities and facilitate people to learn from each other. Particularly those who are just one or two steps ahead on their journey. And we provide a platform for entrepreneurs to directly share their stories and experience with others. 

🤝 Collaboration is key 
Entrepreneurship doesn’t happen in isolation. It depends on connectivity, and we build and sustain thriving networks and means of knowledge exchange. 

🦄 Anyone can be an entrepreneur 
We support people who imagine alternative futures and are fearlessly drawn to new opportunities. This can be anyone regardless of age, nationality, expertise or passion.

🌏 Giving back 
We all need to give back and help make the world a better place. Our ventures are doing just that and creating positive social, economic and environmental change and tackling some of the world’s most complex challenges. Our entrepreneurial alumni community are also giving back to the current student population and giving back their time and experience.  

💜 People-first
Successful ideas and ventures would be nothing without the founders and teams behind them pushing them forward. We create an inclusive and nurturing environment for everyone to thrive and we empower others to succeed. 

📱 Tech for good 
The world is changing fast. We give students tech skills to help them succeed and create positive change in a technological, globalised world.

🏆 Excellence
We are based in a world-leading Business School in the number 1 University in the world. We believe in excellence, best practice and evidence-based research in everything we do. 

Where are we?

Located on Hythe Bridge Street, in a building that was once the Oxford Ice Factory, the building is a large, easily accessible with facilities for co-working, workshops, events, lending library and more. 

Opening hours and Facilities:

The Foundry is open from 9am until 10pm every day of the week, Monday to Sunday.

You can see our Access Policy here

The Oxford foundry coworking space